Monday, March 30, 2009

-- Medicals? More medicals? --

Received an e-mail today saying that I need some more detailed reports from some tests...since every country is different , didn't know about that one when I took the first round of medicals.
So back to the Doctor's office, back for some X-ray radiation, needles...and crazy 'never-saw-in-my-life-before' machines.

It's also getting warmer here in Europe, maybe I can catch some spring weather around here.
We had a weekend of contrasts, on Saturday we got to -3 º C and on Sunday to 14ºC!

Past weekend also some friends were attending QR events in Frankfurt and Sao Paulo, some got through , some will keep trying ( as I did once ). to cook some of my really special bachelor dishes! tuna melt and some Haribo gummies I have left for dessert.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

-- Medicals Results , now more waiting --

Got my medicals results today, all items are OK although I found out that my defenses are kind of low, maybe this cold weather is taking its toll on me.

Sent them to DOH will wait for clearance and confirmation... Damn anxiety! Gotta read a book or something ( wait, I don't like reading books that much )

Monday, March 23, 2009

-- ' Vamos a los Cliffs?' --

After a really cold , tight night...sunlight revealed a really Irish-looking countryside around us, lots of green, sheeps, stones, anyway...what we were looking to see.
Then we drove around small villages around the Galway Bay until we got to Doolin where we found a really nice cheap hostel and then headed to the Cliffs Of Moher ( or like we used to like to say it : Cliffs of Moooooouuuuher ).

Really nice place, great view , great landscape, Atlantic Ocean roaring down the Cliff, wind , definitely a 'must see' place.

So, in an attempt of having a really Irish experience we were after some Fish and Chips with unsuccessful consequences, after driving almost 40 km around...NO SUCH DISH FOR US!

Some boiled pasta and canned tomato sauce in the hostel is really Irish as well!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

-- No hostel? Sleeping in the car is nice too! --

So , my friends from Germany came to Dublin this weekend and I showed them all around Dublin ( learned some thing myself too, considering that I`ve been here for only two weeks).
Then we decided to see the real Ireland , the one you get to see in the magazines.

Rented a car and rolled across the island to Galway...big detail: almost all the travelers who came into the island for St. Patrick's festivities also had the same idea, so all hostels in the city were booked!
In the good 'backpacker mood' we decided to buy a lot of crap to eat and sleep in the car! looked for a scenic place to park and stood awake until we were beat by the tiredness.
Coooold night! really cold! and a really small car ( and I'm not even that tall ).

Anyway...nice experience to be remembered

Friday, March 20, 2009

-- Yes, I'm going to Doha! --

After 9 days of waiting , checking my e-mail account every 5 minutes via cell phone and some housing problems in Dublin , I got online today ( visited my good friends from the lithuanian internet cafe near home ) and a few minutes later I received an e-mail with my name on the subject. Thought it was advertising but somehow I opened it.

'Congratulations' and then the rest...really happy feelings, suddenly all my thoughts started to cristalize....trips, hotels, planes, business attires...

Yeah , I`m going to Doha!
Now running with the medicals!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

--Looking for something new!--

So , after a 20 hour flight from São Paulo,Brazil ( via Madrid ) I arrived into Dublin with a really cold weather and a lot of typical of Ireland!
Stamp on my passport, customs cleared and taking a taxi under the freezing rain to my new house in North Dublin.
Next day in the morning woke up early and after gathering enough courage, decided to wear my business attire and made use of my orientation skills to go across Dublin to the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham to participate on Qatar Airways Open Day.
Lot of people from different parts of Europe showed up there ( counted like 105 ).
We had a little presentation about the company, about Doha and about Qatar and we were explained everything from there. Then we handed out our CV's to the lovely recruiters who took them and asked two random questions about our background or even about the weather.
I was invited later to attend the Assessment Day next day, same hour and venue. 52 people were shortlisted and after a long day with elimination rounds, group activities and tests, just remained 12 for the last phase. Then the next day , a personal 2-to-1 interview and another...WAITING TIME!
Now I have to use all of my patience to get this days pass by quicky and hopefully get my positive answer.As for now, I'll keep freezing in Dublin.