Thursday, October 15, 2009

-- Live from South America, this is an update --

When I was coming back home many thoughts came to my mind, considering that I had around 31 hours of traveling, one of these thoughts was wether I should or shouldn't close this blog.

This blog started as a way to let my family and friends to know what I was doing , where and how and also as reminders for me in the future, specially because on a cabin crew life , everything is really hectic and you tend to forget many things or details.

Still, since I got here my feedback has been great, readers feeling sorry and encouraging me to keep on moving or just saying nice words.
The experiences I had in fact changed my life and the way I look at it now, but this blog and the feeling that I was doing something right by sharing experiences with my readers and all the feedback, really changed the way I look at myself now so this space became like an adiction for me ( Yes, I do check like three times a day how many and where my visitors are from ).
Also I think I have become more positive now and I'll go after my new wings anytime soon.
My life here is quite good, I was really needing to see my family and share moments with them , my niece and nephew are huge and can say "uncle" now.
My family was really supportive with all of this and they say that they feel proud of me for the things I've achieved so far ( which I truly don't know what exactly that stands for).
I do admit that my life got more interesting now and many of my friends agree with that, it's funny how the same questions keep repeating everytime I meet with any of them:
- Which one was the best city you've ever been to? Why?
- Do you like your job?
- What's your favourite country?
- Which ones are the worst passengers?

People also tend to think that our job is just serving trays and wander around five-star hotels with our trolley bags and I just think it's funny to explain that it goes way beyond that,with a shy smile and a final statement saying : " Remember to be a good passenger next time you fly".
Anyway, I am really enjoying my time right now just sharing experiences the way I have been doing it in this blog.I will be also traveling soon , don't want to tell where or why now because not even I do where am I heading , need to clear my mind and sort some things out.
Will let you know as soon as I get back.
Weather here is getting hotter by the day as I've been skipping from summer to summer and again summer, can't really complaint about that ( well, maybe when it was 49 degrees Celsius in Doha ).

Talk soon! Enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

-- Yes , I've seen Greenland! Have you? --

So the trip back home promised to be really long , I didn't want to believe it as I thought I was used to fly for many hours and still feel happy.
Anyway the trip was indeed extremely long and got home incredibly tired.

Took off from beautiful Doha early in the morning on a brand new B777-300ER which was not that full ( even though it looked like a Bombai flight as most of the passengers were coming from that place we all know about ), so I got the chance of getting three free seats in a row for me to stretch / sleep / rest. In the end it was a 14-hour flight to Washington.
So there I was...the two first hours were OK as the crew were doing service. I had fun seeing how things are done from the passenger view and it was so entertaining to think about the service or the way they are doing it or how would you do it if that was you, etc.

Still had 12 hours to kill though, so tried my best to sleep (and I was unsucessful) even though I hadn't sleep the night before due to my farewell gatherings/parties and instead just sat there and watched around four movies and 8 episodes of The Simpsons and Friends.

On the hour number nine ,airshow screen was showing that we were flying over Greenland? No way! grabbed my camera, quickly went to the R5 door and the view was just incredible: icebergs, glaciers, high mountains, everything covered with snow.
Still couldn't believe that I was so lucky to see a place that not many people get to see so , even though I never sat a foot there, at least I can say that I've seen Greenland.

Back to my journey, after 14 hours we landed safely into Washington Dulles Airport where I had to clear immigration, pick-up all my luggage and send it again through the United Airlines counters.
From Washington to Miami they gave me the chance to fly United Express, I did know what the 'Express' was meaning and when I saw the plane my eyes were glowing: I was gonna fly a beautiful and small EMB-170.

Made a mistake though , I was feeling hungry, so prior to departure I purchased a huge foot-long sandwich at Subway (which was next to my boarding gate ) and ate it too fast, so I was feeling miserable on the plane to Miami.
Plane was still very comfortable despite the fact that legroom was miserable but still, Embraers are nice and quiet.

Arrived into Miami with some beautiful cumulonimbus formations and some crying babies on the plane and discovered that I had to go from Terminal G to Terminal C and only had 15 minutes before the check-in closing time.
So practically I had to run with my luggage again through the terminals to the American Airlines check-in area.

The girl from the counter told me that indeed it was closing , so gave me a boarding pass without any seat number as they would assign me a seat number once on the gate.
Indeed on the gate they were announcing that the flight was overbooked and they were needing two volunteers to stay in Miami as AA would pay for the expenses and hotel.

As I was feeling quite sick and tired I was the first one to volunteer, so with all my charm and a half-way smile I went and said : 'I want to volunteer, I'm extremely tired...been flying so much today'. The woman told me that since I had no seat assigned she couldn't do it. Bummer!

Five minutes later they called my name. The lady told me that she was so sorry that I couldn't stay but since I looked like a nice guy and I was tired , she was gonna give me a surprise: read on my boarding pass BUSINESS CLASS PASSENGER.

So there I was enjoying Business class treatment all the way from Miami, although I didn't get to know much about it as when they served dinner I just collapsed of tiredness only waking up when the light but fair breakfast was being served.
Eight hours later I was on top-of-descent for Santa Cruz starting to get anxious, remembering the glow on the eyes of my Dhaka passengers when they were arriving home after years of living abroad.
Landed safely , cleared immigration , picked up my luggage and there they were...the reason of my happyness...

I was so tired that I couldn't even get emotional! but I was so happy to see my mom and family, the feeling is just priceless.

Got home and since I was used to arrive from a flight, get dressed and go for a walk, it happened the same way here as I tried to sleep and I couldn't, so started to unpack and put all things together in my 'new' room.
Now I'm here at the other side of the world, figuring out what's gonna be my next step knowing that I won't be long since I leave this place again.

As for the blog...of course this is not the end (otherwise I wouldn't be writing right now) so I'll see you all around.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

-- Not good-bye, it's a see you later --

I got into lots of troubles the past days and I was just dealing with all of that, therefore my roster got cancelled and after dealing with all the paperwork , I'm sad to say that I am going home.

I feel really sad about all of this as these months were amazing.

Went to places that I never thought I would ever set a foot on (went to 23 new countries since I started flying) saw amazing landscapes, experienced amazing foods, enjoyed beautiful beaches and discovered something new in me: I JUST LOVE FLYING, and that's the only job in my life that I actually felt work-a-holic for.

And there's a thing that actually kills my mind in this moment : I made the best friends I could have ever asked for in my life, those friends that would call you and support you whenever you were sad, the ones that would share adventures and tales all the time , the ones you would be proud to show to the world , they were my second family , AND WHAT A FAMILY!...I just can't believe I am now leaving them.

So these months I went from recruitment to training , to flying and to finally going home. I hope that all of you had enjoyed my crazy writings around the world, I'm pretty sure that this is not the end and somehow God has better plans for me and I'll be having new wings sometime soon.
Flying brought to light the best part of me and made me realize how nice is to work with people and how interesting the world can be, I know that I will never be the same person after this experience and also know that it won't be the last as I'll still pursuit my 'flying dream'.

All I have left to say now is THANK YOU , thank you my readers, because your support and comments kept me writing about my crazy thoughts along the trips, because when I was somewhere around I would think: ' my readers would like to know about this', because I really enjoyed taking my time to write as detailed as possible so you could see through my eyes the world I was seeing, and thank you for sharing your time reading.
And specially thanks to all my friends who put up with me for the past six months, I will always have you all in my mind.

I am leaving now, though I know that it won't be that long until I'll be seeing you again in the skies/layovers/hotels/buses of the world.

As for my readers, I will still update my blog with some Latin America crazy stuff because it is quite an interesting continent to describe as well.

So UK, Equador, Brazil, Chile, Romenia, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, New Zealand, Spain and made my day, EVERY SINGLE DAY!. Good Luck and Fly Safe!