Thursday, December 24, 2009

-- Merry X-mas! --

Just a quick Merry Christmas wish from me to all my readers, hoping that all your wishes come true.

Let it be Jesus, God, Santa or any kind of elf with a magic wand you want to believe in, what I've learnt so far is that we only need to believe in something in order to get what we want.

Some people already got their wish this year and I just wish you to keep on enjoying it. Some people will get it soon as their struggle will continue until they achieve success.

As for me , gonna have a typical Christmas dinner with my whole family at home (with turkey and pork, even though I don't like pork).Cousins are bringing brazilian 'brigadeiros' for desert too!
Tomorrow my whole family is spreading around this beautiful continent, which will leave me alone in the house until the 28th when I'll be grabbing my backpack for the NYE Adventure which of course will be posting later.


Monday, December 14, 2009

-- Birthday Bloggin' --

Hey people! Today is Monday and I had a really hectic weekend.

First of all, celebrating the day I was born ,23 years ago in a hot and steamy summer day (or should I say night? I was born at almost midnight and it was because I was chubby enough to crawl out my mother's womb who did not wanted to carry me inside anymore).

It all started with a midnight celebration with some friends from Germany (the same ones who visited me when I was living in Ireland) who happened to be in here for some months. We met in a really typical burger shop in the city which has these huge burgers with a sauce kind of sweet and salty that I haven't found anywhere else in the world. And at midnight I had a birthday...chocolate? with a beatiful match on top of it.
Went back home and straight to bed but I couldn't sleep very well so just kept Facebooking and browsing through some of my old photos of this year until I finally got to sleep at almost 3 in the morning.

My mobile started to ring at 8 am with people calling me to wish me a "Happy Birthday" as usual and then went to the supermarket to buy some cake to share with my swimming pals.
Celebration was simple yet very cool. When I got back here two months ago I hardly knew anyone currently swimming at the pool I used to, as most people from my generation already quit or are doing something else.
But right now, after swimming every day I can say I know them already and it's always good to make new friends.

They get all excited when I tell stories about our old swimming trips around South America or when I tell any kind of jokes about it with my old coach who remembers everything like I do.

Anyway,I was there for a while and then went home for some family celebration.
My brother was already there preparing the barbeque and my cousins started to arrive some minutes after me.
Then came the rest of the people : aunts, uncles , my mom with the cake and my niece and nephew, God they are huge and beautiful!

It was so cool again , just kind of updating everything that happened to us through the whole year as we don't really get much chances to see each other and a nice conversation along with some very nice cooked barbeque and a strawberry cake (this time with a candle).
Then was time to celebrate with my father, it's his birthday as well (my mom's intention was for me to be his present...not quite sure about it) so we met him on a cafe and just ate MORE and chatted.

Day was not over there, one of my best friends invited me to a party at his house so went there for some ARAB FOOD !!! (as his family is from Lebanon) and was just nice to hang around there eating until I had to say 'NO'. Yes, I had to show the pictures from my trips I've got on my iPhone all over again.

Got home at around one in the morning and had to wake up at six because I was gonna go with me cousin and my sister-in-law to a town nearby here named Cotoca.
Typical South American tradition, there's a Virgin people in the region adore (like a Saint)named "Virgencita de Cotoca" and people make promises to her and go there walking to thank for it when the wish finally comes true.

Of course they did as well, so we woke up and headed to the road for some nice and 'tiring-under-the-sun-at-32-degrees-Celsius' walk of 23 kilometers to this place.
It was nice though , I hardly felt it as we were just chatting about lots of nonsense and drinking lots of water. There were thousands of people walking too , so it was quite interesting , we were even competing with some groups of people to make it more amusing.
My aunt who lives in Spain and happens to be here visiting as well was waiting for us there and we lit some candles , ate some typical 'arepas' and headed straight back to Santa Cruz.

How cool is to see all of these traditions? Traveling definitely makes you realize about the little things , even the ones that were always near you but couldn't be bothered to notice before.

Then some nice typical lunch with my family and back home for some rest but when I was about to fall asleep my friends (the ones I was talking about from the swimming club) called me to go to this resort about 50 kilometers away from here as they had free admissions. So grabbed my car keys and went straight there.
Anyway , we couldn't get it as we got there quite late and went to this other town nearby to eat homemade ice-cream and just chill around the square.

Well...quite a busy weekend and now X-mas is almost here! gonna spend it with my family but as my mom is traveling on the 25th early morning I'm doing so as well.
Still cordinating some stuff as airfares are not really that expensive to go to the US again but I am quite keen on backpacking through South America for around 10 days again.

Will let you all know about it and write big posts about those trip details.

By the way, Discovery Channel is taking participants for one of the best realities "The Amazing Race" and I'm really thinking about submitting my application!
Should I?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

-- And December has come --

And I have had really intense days.

As I'm practically on holidays, my life here has been reduced to sleep until late morning , have lunch , sleep a little more, heading to the city centre to run everyone else's errands and then to the swimming pool for training.

I must admit that I love training and I'm having a great time swimming again , might even participate in a National Competition over the next days, if they confirm the championship.

Also been having some good news related to flying and good times are coming soon.

My birthday is this week also, will turn 23 and planning on making the best of it. Soon will also be Christmas time ( my favourite time of the year ) and New Year's which I'll be spending backpacking through South America...Oh I hate traveling!

Anyway , Talk soon people!