Friday, January 29, 2010

-- FlyingCamba is in Dublin...indeed! --

And so the previous post became a reality.

Last week I left home after having around 7 different 'farewell parties' and flew straight to São Paulo , Brazil.
Like usual , it was a short hop within South America ( around 2 and a half hours ) and then me and two ex-colleagues from work back when I was an Industrial designer went to a little city called Piracicaba.

It was really nice because first of all ,it was incredibly hot and second, the host family there was amazing.
Starting with the huge lunch they had prepared for us upon our arrival including lasagna, barbeque and chicken ALL AT ONCE!

Then it was time for some sightseeing around the city where the main venue is the powerful Piracicaba river which at this time of the year is full of water and sometimes even flooding the adjacent streets ( yes, we also saw that).
These towns outside Sao Paulo grew with the sugar cane and cotton industry so you have plenty of old "fazendas" ( farms ) and a lot of history too.

More food for dinner under a hot and heavy summer rain and then went out to a 'barzinho' which is, of course like a bar when people sit to drink and talk , NOT TO DANCE.
The next morning I woke up a little sick, so really couldn't eat that much and we left town early.

The rest of the time in Sao Paulo was really enjoyable , I met a lot of old friends and colleagues and exercised a lot too!.
Had to hand some documents and do some paperwork at college,which in fact was the main purpose of the stop in Brazil.

Yesterday I prepared myself for another long trip across the pond so I left Sao Paulo at midday on a skinny TAM Airlines A320 bound to Rio de Janeiro where I had to wait for four hours to catch my connecting flight with Air France to Paris and Dublin.

And yes! I finally managed to travel on a classic Boeing 747-400 in a 11-hour flight to Paris.
Plane was quite old and there was no IFE but I was tired enough to not even bother about it. In addition, the seat next to me was empty , so I had more room to enjoy myself.
On the aisle seat ( as I had the window seat and there was nobody in the middle ) sat a guy with this thick was actually the first time I've ever met anyone from Azerbaijan!.

We had a one-hour delay because of a passenger that started to feel sick when we were on pushback , so we had to go back to the terminal and have her removed from the plane along with her baggage.

Arrived into Paris-Charles de Gaulle 2 at early morning with a lot of rain and a freezing temperature of 2 degrees. Had to take the connection bus to another terminal where I finally embarked on a little Bae-146 straight to Dublin.

Weather in Dublin was pretty nice when I arrived, it was freezing yet very sunny but as long as I got home it got cloudy again and right now it's quite dark.

Anyway , just a small update about what's going on here...
Au revoir ! Merci! Air France! Parreeeee!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

-- 2009 is gone, what about 2010? --

And so it is...2009 is gone!
For many people it was a good year, for some it was a terrible. We say many news around the globe, many natural disasters and Global Warming not looking like a bad joke anymore, Swine flu and even saw a movie showing how the end of the world would be in a short time (2012).

For me 2009 was a year of contrasts.
I started on New Year's Eve with the feeling of losing everything that was making me happy until then and feeling like there was no place to go , no choices and no recovering from that situation.
Cried a lot in my effort to think about options...but my friends and family wouldn't let me give up that easily.

I learned that friends who you might think that don't care about you, sometimes come to your rescue and cheer you up in every possible way. Anyway , I had amazing experiences and trips with them before my mother (the anchor of my family) told me that it was time to pursue what I wanted : TO LIVE MY OWN LIFE.

Packed my bags and left my city hoping for the best and landed into this cold and rainy place called Ireland.
Tried my lucks again without even really wanting it after a 20-hours flight and got my wings one month later.

The rest is all written in this blog : the amazing trips to places I barely knew that existed , the unforgivable experiences of lousy turnarounds or great layovers, the tireness product of not being able to sleep for about 38 hours and the amazing people I met during all these trips.
Traveled to over 30 countries and lived in three different world regions along 2009.
Somehow I also felt like I was bonding with some people through this blog and even felt a little useful to those cabin crew wannabes who were looking for reference or just amusing themselves with every story.

2010 is here now and I'm back to scratch. After spending my New Year at the woods with my dad, I had a lot of thinking and just know that I'm gonna make the best of it. Still not quite sure of what I'm gonna do next (even though I've got plane tickets bound back to Ireland with a one-week stop in São Paulo).

I will keep updating this blog about all the crazy stuff that involves traveling and maybe will be getting new wings soon? I don't really know...

I do know that I will try to just live my life, because I know God have always better plans for all of us and like we say around here: " The load will settle down along the road".