Friday, June 25, 2010

-- My Irish Life so far --

OK, so here's the thing: after looking for a job for months, getting rejection letters kindly sent to my mailbox and being called 'overqualified' for some other basic jobs, I finally got one as something that many people would say it's my face and character.

No, I'm not flying yet and won't be doing so in the next months but until then , let me introduce to all of you to the new Irish Tourist Guide!. That's right, I'm just wandering around Ireland with bunch of tourists on coaches , talking and talking over my lovely microphone about geography and history of a country that is also very new to me.

I still don't know how I do it , I just know I do and love it!. Already had a training trip (or should I say 'suppy'or 'observer' so it looks more 'cabin crewly') and it was very enjoyable. We started by introducing ourselves to our customers which were mostly elderly people wanting to get out of their houses for the day.
Our trip continued heading South where we had a pit stop at a little town called Bray which resembled a lot like Brighton in the UK (but with more drugs) and we had a killer combination of tea with scones that was enough to keep us all alert for our trip through the Wicklow Mountains while explaining some interesting facts about the trip and the route.

I wasn't really explaining, I was in the process of learning. Instead, some sleazy elderly ladies would be asking me about my marital status, my height and would make interesting observations about my tan and my charm. Could really say it was an excellent self-steem boaster trip.
Still , it was nice to see my life through someone else's eyes as they just couldn't stop being interested in hearing about my trips and the gipsy-like lifestyle I have been carrying for quite a few time now.

After a long trip of odd flirting, nothing better than a fancy four-course dinner at the hotel with a lovely apple crumble pie with cream and fruit for dessert to end a nice and enjoyable day.

In addition, I've had my first exams at college (which were extremely easy and I did not need to study at all) and now I'm gonna be more free for more adventures for quite a while.
I'm making great friends as the days pass by and learning more fake facts about Ireland (because I do know that Napoleon was not born on Blarney Castle for example) and getting that interesting accent they have around here, so from now on you will not hear me saying 'not' or 'but', I'll just say 'nothhh' and 'buthh' since a lazy accent like Irish matches my...let's say laid back way to be.
Also developing a huge addiction to the, once again, killer combo of tea and scones neutralized by tons of walking through the city in flip-flops, cycling, swimming at the gym and some lovely and warm (read sacarsm there) competitions on the Irish Sea.

Lots of days which are full of contrasts: from simple things like having tea on a fancy and traditional tea house to crowded first-row Green Day concerts for free in a 6-hour span of time, life is finally starting to take a new shape and I like it!

That's it from this tiny and green island where the temperature does not overcome the 21 degrees Celsius mark and it's always overcast in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.

Next week I'm starting the tours on my own and will definitely have some interesting stories to tell. Flying Camba is grounded but has not stopped living.