Wednesday, August 25, 2010

-- When lifting a cup of tea is a big thing --

June and July were indeed completely uneventful and boring months but August has proved that many things are changing and my life is starting to become more interesting.

My last update was about me being sad. I guess we all pass through those really tough days when we only feel like rubbish and like nobody really cares about us (even when clearly people do). Still, venting emotions sometimes is good and I had a good feedback from friends and family which made me feel supported again.

After a PERFECT Sunday which included a nice BBQ on the freezing yet sunny Portmarnock Beach in greater Dublin sharing space with lovely girls wearing track suits, speaking out loud and drinking beer the way only Irish girls can do it sometimes and going for a dip into the Irish Sea to refresh my burnt skin (ya, rite!), my week went on without any news, only dealing with some bureaucratic rubbish prior to any big change of plans.

I was getting ready for a tour to Kilkenny on Saturday and to Belfast on Monday when on Friday night, after wandering around the southern Dublin suburbs, I was cycling as fast as the wind (the way I like it) and suddenly things changed when my bike lock got caught up onto the front wheel, creating this memorable bump noise and a complete full stop in one second.

Where was I? Just flew above the bike in slow motion while on my head an "Oh my God" was wondering as my wrists and chin were hitting the street and the people on the sidewalk couldn't stop staring at the embarrassing yet memorable fall.

A ginger guy was the first one in running and asking me if I was OK and could talk and breathe, a doctor that was walking by went for support and a woman stopped her car when she saw the whole thing and took care of me like a mother would do.
As they were asking if it was sore (course it was) I just couldn't stop laughing, still in shock of what had just happened and expecting to be fine and just a little bruised.

As I stood up, things started to become more clear and my arms were extremely sore, the doctor said I should go to the hospital if it was still sore and the woman kindly locked my bike onto a pole on the now dark Dartry Road and drove me home.

Night was not over as I was home and suddenly felt my arms completely stiff and locked, couldn't even move them anymore and they were looking swollen and with a very funny colour.
So my sidekick came to my house and helped me get into a taxi (at this point I couldn't even open a door by myself anymore) and we got into the Emergencies Room waiting for the best.

Who said it was easy? Emergency Unit on a Friday night is never easy! as I was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops and it was freezing cold...yet we had to wait for the nurse to "assess" my situation and see if my condition was pathetic enough to see a doctor, got an X-ray with the Radiology bitch who couldn't understand that when you say "I can't move it" it means I definitely can't, and waited for five hours playing World Capitals as the drugs and pain killers wouldn't kick in and "counting how many drug addicts would take a smoke" or "how many cuts on that drug addict are there" ...Oh Ireland's best I'd say (specially when they asked for a "le-hr"...lighter in Knackerville).

Five hours later and feeling completely frustrated my name was called to see a doctor who after touching my arm and seeing the x-rays said I had broken my two elbows and my left wrist (and I'm left-handed) so I would need slings and keep away from any activity for at least four weeks.
Oh well, I had waited for five hours with two broken elbows wearing flip-flops with a drug addict who smelled like vomit sitting besides me, didn't think nothing could beat that.

Anyway, back home for some sleep and my arms were very sore. Luckily I have amazing friends who helped me through the whole thing, except bathroom-related issues (that would explain why I didn't use the "crapper" as they call it for at least 3 days).

I am getting my mobility back very slowly, I can now scratch my head and nose, reach my feet and of course, handle my own private things but things like drinking a cup of tea or opening a door are still a huge achievement as I am completely out of strength on both arms.

At least today I am able to type without any pain, so there goes my update.

Friday, August 13, 2010

-- Friday 13th? Hell Yeah! --

Today has not been a good day, I'm not superstitious and it is hard for me to believe in things like that but at some level I think it's so strange that so many things can go wrong in one day... I don't know, I guess the fact of being away from home multiplies every single feeling by a hundred (whether its good or bad) and sometimes, something that might seem simple and easy to deal with for some people could practically make us feel like crying on a corner for hours.

You wake up thinking that every day will be different and really not knowing what's gonna happen next, you expect to receive good news and end it up will a nice smile. I haven't been feeling like that lately, I am struggling with some complicated 'shit' at the moment and at some point I feel like losing it and just quitting.

'What's the point of all of this?' I ask to myself?

Many things have happened with my life over the past years and I tend to forget that I am 23 years-old and I still have a lot of growing up to do, just wish it wouldn't be the hard way practically all the time.

I bet lots of 'expats' would feel the same and can identify themselves with all I am saying and the enormous feeling of just saying 'I quit' , pack the bags and take the plane straight home, but what if 'home' is not home anymore? what if you've become only a visitor on your own turf?

Guess I'll have to keep on doing all of this and as always: cry, wipe and move forward.

I'm aware that this post is not very fun or interesting, well, I think that shows that I can also feel and I get terribly sad sometimes and my life is not an 'artist life' as my friends like to call it every time i chat with them on Facebook.

I got assigned this special job tomorrow though, I'm carrying 50 human beings to a GAY FESTIVAL on the countryside, twice! so it would be comparable to an Indian turnaround I guess. Betting that many stories will come out of that experience which of course I'll be sharing with you.

And to end with my whining, I keep checking my visitors counter and I get happy every time I see it raising in numbers and flags, but would also love to hear your feedback (in case I am being too annoying).

Thanks for reading and see you soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

-- Summer is gone, I'm a textbook and New Layout! --

It looks unfair to say that summer is gone even if we are just starting August and parts of Europe are still suffering of heat waves, but my first summer in this tiny and green island (which is Ireland, again) is seriously making me think about whether I want to remain here or just leave for warmer fields next year.

So I have been doing a lot of thinking and have narrowed my options to three magical places, each one with its pros and cons. Again ,as I was raised by old-fashioned parents, I've decided to keep it as a secret so I don't jinx it, there is always a right time for everything and you'll know about it.

I've had quite an uneventful July to be honest, specially because the weather hasn't been helping much on my outdoor adventures and I am way too lazy to go out at night for a heavy pint of Guinness.
So you have me here writing about improvised barbeques with disposable 'barbequers' and burnt sausages while 'wifey' takes care of the shopping and the cleaning like every good girl should do (kidding, keep reading my blog please! lol), frustrated days-out which start with some encouraging "Looks nice today, let's go for a ride" phrases and end up with a terrible "Should have brought a jumper because I am feeling sick" kind of talk.

Also , my iPhone died on a ridiculously wet bike trip to the airport to watch the planes landing and to get a envelope with some important documents sent from mommy. If you can, avoid DHL please. The whole thing cost 50 euros for my mom and an iPhone for me, just because the delivery guy couldn't bother on looking at my humble middle class cul-de-sac in South Dublin and just registered the delivery as 'noone at home'.

A week later my old laptop (the one I bought in Doha as an emergency when I was in training and practically saw the world) died as well so, depressed because all my gadgets were starting to say their good-byes, I gathered enough courage to walk into that dreadful Macshop near Grafton Street and face all that friendly staff to buy a new Macbook which of course I am more than pleased to have.

Last week I got a call from my manager who asked me if I could work on a sport event the day after, so I dressed smartly and went to this bar to hand out some tickets while having a pint of cider and some chicken wings and then we took the bus to the shiny brand-new Aviva Stadium in Dublin where the mighty Manchester United players crushed some Irish combo-mumbo-jambo (Airtricity) on something that reminded me of one of the North Korea games on the World Cup...same score too: 7 x 1, but I'm sure that communist won't be pissed because of this one.
I got distracted by a 10 euros hot-dog and the non-stop mexican waves organized by a bored crowd that just looked very nice on my rusty camera while I was filming it.

Next morning I was taking my bus full of elderly people to beautiful Mullingar in the Irish Midlands, a place they love to send me to.
Again, "presentation-candy" sequence and off we went with the mute driver from 'Turtles', so bad when you have an hour-and-something journey and your colleague don't want to say a word.

Anyway, we went straight to the Belvedere Gardens where we had some 'compelling' tea and scones and then a guided tour performed by an EXPERIENCED guide in-loco.
Couldn't really see much as some of my passengers couldn't walk much so they split all over the gardens making me run through the whole place up and down locating them and taking them to the bus in the end of the trip.

Back to Mullingar town for some sightseeing and shopping spree!...Not for me though, I saw everything the little village had to offer in about 10 minutes, then I had two dreadful cheeseburgers prepared by this fat girl (I think she spit on our meals as she was so moody) and then I just laid on the grass of this small and plain park for an hour and a half thinking about life and listening to some music on my old iPod.

Dinner time at the hotel where the staff were very helpful and the food was extremely generous and then some entertainment time with dancing and singing. Self-steem Boaster as all the ladies wanted to dance with me and take several pictures while doing so, this special lady wearing a blue dress reminded me a lot of my grandma, my eyes filled with these so-called 'tears' when she hugged me and told me to hug her while her personal nurse from Cebu (Phils) was taking our picture.

Time to leave beautiful Mullingar with some rain behind, about four words spoken in total with the driver and back into Dublin in time for some cycling back home and some lazying around before going to bed.

Today I went to the barber shop and my Ukranian barber did a terrible job (still couldn't complaint as I only paid 5 euros for it), so I look like I'm gonna come up with a knife and take your belongings on the street, not a good look at all so will see how that goes but hey!, "Hair grows back , right?", like Homer Simpson's arms.

That's my update my dear readers, many things coming ahead in my life this month so stay in touch for more details!

I am also upgrading my blog (layout) a little bit to make it more, let's say interesting.

Did I tell you that I am a textbook and that...I am in love? =D