Friday, December 31, 2010

-- 2011 Game Plan --

Wow it's been a long time since I last posted on my blog, and it wasn't because I forgot that I had one (in fact, I would check very often my visitors and reply to queries some visitors might have).

Last months have been very intense for me with very little traveling. Just a short failed trip to Cork where I had the chance to catch the last mild summer temperatures before preparing for the cold winter that hit us later, saw Cobh, the last place the Titanic saw before sinking on its maiden trip and wandered around Blarney Castle where, after kissing the famous stone, found 35 Euros on the footpath.

Anyway, the past months have been more of an emotional roller coaster. Have had terrific days of enjoyment and terrible days of sorrow with 'wifey' as a daily and important company.

We were hit with sub-zero temperatures for several days in a row on the coldest December ever recorded in the Republic of Ireland while I was struggling to get through inches and inches of fresh snow and some other inches of thick bureaucracy files (because immigrating was never easy), having a little pit stop on my birthday and then off to work with some events as I tried to do my best by selling Fujifilm digital cameras to the desperate crowds of people filling the malls with their rushy mood and Christmas shopping bags.

I had very chilled B-day and X-mas celebrations with a kind of awkward feeling of being very far from my family but the great company of some very special people in my life who made me forget about it and made me feel home.

I am now standing in front my my laptop on this mildly cold New Year's Eve Friday, coughing like a dog, smelling like Vick rub and thinking about what happened through 2010 and making mental notes of all the pro's and con's of such a diverse time.

Once again at the beginning of 2010, I crossed the Atlantic in search of new adventures and a different lifestyle and indeed I think all the things I was looking for were found. Had a constant struggle with unemployment, moments of false hope, frustration and even an accident.
On the other hand I met the best people ever, I fell in love with things, I rediscovered friends and most importantly, I learned that sometimes steps back are needed to go for a big jump.

I haven't had the big jump yet but I can finally see it coming and tonight things are changing as 2011 is starting with a different position and with all the lessons learned in 2010 well stuck on my head.

I do feel like I have changed as a person and my approach for next year and all the years after that will definitely change as well...I am a new man, with new elbows, new haircut, new laptop, new fixed-gear bike, new important people in my life and a new head.

So here is to 2010, to a terrible yet needed year, and to all the people who made all of this possible.

Another thing. I am planning some big trips for 2011, so hopefully this blog won't look as abandoned as it did in 2010.

And I'll learn french too...

See ya and best wishes!