Sunday, April 3, 2011

-- Guinness flavoured spring sleet --

Oh well, after a hard day of drawing shamrocks on my pints of Guinness while looking at the city underneath me getting punished with a quick spring sleet shower, I came back home, via my favourite coffee shop in town where I indulged myself with a nice cup of tea and a 'croque monsieur' (just a fancy way to say croissant with ham and cheese).

So nice to sit here on the living room of my new apartment while the sun tries to set and the clock just refuses to say it's early to do so. Just keeps me wandering about the summer time that's about to come in a few weeks and all the good memories I had from the last one.

I have already been wearing shorts pretty much everyday. We haven't really reached more than fourteen degrees over the past weeks, but the temperature combined with a nice sunshine really kept me digging on that forgotten and dusty drawer for my dear and comfortable outfits.

A friend of mine who I knew through Couchsurfing came all the way from Uruguay for a year to learn English and the important-for-business Irish language and maybe become a leprechaun and brought me some Havaianas flip-flops to complete my summer look and some Dulce de Leche tu indulge myself on my fatty moments. In return I am showing her the city and helping her settle in every way I can because I reckon how difficult can be sometimes when you get to a new place and the difference a friendly face can make.

Been working with my Uncle Arthur (Guinness) for over a month now and must say that each day is something really special and different. Some days are extremely slow and it seems like the clock just doesn't want to let me go home and some other days it's just non-stop and don't even have time to go for a quick 'wee' on the 'loo'.

We have tourist from all over the world. One of the perks of working there is that most people consider it one of the city's icons, so while in Sydney you have the Harbour Bridge, in Paris the Eiffel Tower, in London the Big Ben and so forth, in Dublin we have the...brewery!. Now that tells you a lot about the country's culture.
Now, jokes aside, we get tourist from all over like I said and specially, many Spanish, Italians and Britons coming to the part of Europe that almost didn't make the cut. I am there ready to entertain them with my weird Spanish and my even weirder combination of English and Italian words.
Can't complaint though as, the busier the day, the better I feel.

That does not apply to St. Patrick's Day though when a tsunami of drunk people hit our big Storehouse after the Big Parade bringing tons of work to do.
It wasn't about the amount of people, which on that and the day after exceeded the 6500 mark per day, but for the...let's say state they were when they had bought their ticket.
Now remember, if someone tells you that you are entitled to "A" complementary drink with your ticket, it means you can only have ONE.
Then again, I blame the alcohol for any awkward situation or any rude customers who would blame all the disgrace of the world on your pour-your-own-pint class while you were trying to teach them how to be one of us for a day with an extremely loud Irish Dance demo behind you.

So big examples of this nice environment would be when I am mostly on the bar (because some days we get to work on tills, dealing with those colourful Euro bills and just smiling when a credit card is declined).
Anyway, the bar is indeed a great place to work, it gives you the best (and probably the only one) view of the city. Customers actually release a small gasp when they are on the lift and the doors open.
Most tourists from that big stripey and starry country in America (Americans) always say that we probably work in one of the best bars in the world, "that's Awesome!!!". Will let them be the judges of that but as for me, I am happy with the views and the environment in general.

So far while serving my pints of Guinness, or a soft drink for the 'softies', I reckon I probably already am tagged in hundreds of Facebook albums with titles such as "Holiday in Ireland", "Leprechauns", "The land of pubs", "The Emerald Isle, "Eire", "Slainte"...and so on.
Don't get me wrong, some spotlight and attention never hurt anyone so again, I just keep smiling and being friendly, not because I am being paid for it, but also because the daily recommended dose of Berocca might be too much for my already fast metabolism and I need to release the energy in some way.
In addition, a group of Aussie girls asked me for some autographs one day, how fancy!. I had to improvise and sign some coasters "with love from Dublin". Oh well, someone in Sydney right now is probably holding her glass of Fosters with my exclusively autographed coaster underneath it, or I want to think it happens anyway.

Last week I also had a meeting with my two favourite fatties down the countryside and got myself another nice stamp on my passport -never thought I'd be concerned about my passport running out of stamp-free pages- and I'm due to be dancing the leprechaun music and speaking Irish fluently (yeah, roight) for some months to come.
For this reasons I also got myself new wheels and I am proudly own now a fixed-gear bike which gets me to work and the swimming pool in a record time and , aside of being very light, it looks very good.
Fixed-gear will also be my new partner on my summer adventures, while the terrier bitches about pretty much everything (just because he wants to), drink tea, cook odd barbeques and we sail to a new adventure across the Irish Sea, sponsored by Ryan Air or that airline that operates from Terminal 2, Aer Lingus?

As for me ,I have work tomorrow and for the next week. So see you then!