Monday, October 31, 2011

-- Autumn Update --

After being washed out by crazy rain showers in Dublin and seeing how the city collapsed under its own horrible weather and strong winds, I am here writing a little update, admitting that I have been a bit lazy about updating the blog even though I have given the website a bit of a upgrade.

Things around here have been alright I reckon, I am starting my own Adventure Trips business which is due to start operations as soon as we are cleared from horrible cold days and probably the so-waited winter snow that shouldn't take more than a few weeks to arrive and give us joy for a couple of days and then turn the most simple tasks into a nightmare, but that's part of it.

The hostel has given me some interesting memories now too, customers from different backgrounds that teach me basic things about each place , so without generalizing (because there are lots of exceptions) here it goes what I've learnt so far:

- Americans get excited about everything! Dublin what? Are we in Ireland?
- French bargain, Five Euros for an adapter??? We are just going to be in Ireland for a month and we need an adapter?
- Italians well... Reservation...What? Io non parlo inglesi! -- Silence.
- Germans are extremely efficient and make sandwiches for their trips to...the airport!
- Spanish say "Thank You" and smile automatically a lot.
- Australians and Kiwis tend to know where they are but have no clue on what to do.

Anyway, these differences make working with tourists something very special and I couldn't ask for anything better to be honest.

Short post this is as more news are due to come for the next months, including the mega holidays to the Americas which I have already booked and will be writing about. Sailing date is in January and will be heading to very interesting places to finally see my family after two years!. Bet that's going to be interesting too.

Talk soon mates!