Friday, December 23, 2011

-- Happy Christmas! --

Well it's been a while since I last wrote something around here. The thing is that with so many things changing over the past weeks, I have barely had time to think or even put my thoughts in order to create a decent post.
Christmas Eve tomorrow! My second one in Ireland and away from my family again. I know that many of my readers would know the feeling by now or have experienced it at some point of their lives.

2011 was a very intense year , and a very diverse one too. I worked with some amazing people and some others who taught me valuable lessons. Been in touch with the laws (trying to get paid from the failed tourism company whose owner ran away to New York), have had flings, dates, break ups, long days, short days, rainy, sunny... (rainy more than other years) , etc.

Seven weeks ago I started applying for airlines again, i went through every single stage again, I managed to get picked amongst the 5 per cent minority again but something bigger than me went against the plans and I was unsuccessful again. Flying has been put on hold as for now, not because I am afraid of trying but because sometimes we need to take a look around and start establishing bases for our lives, anchors to hold on to. My anchor now is Europe. I am going to stick around for longer with the people I have learned to love and the country that received me with arms wide opened and gave me enough opportunities to make it happen and be successful.

So airline or not, hostel, designer studio, tourist agency or whatever, I am more than pleased of what has been developing through these months and big changes are expected for 2012.
Last year when I was buried in snow and struggling with salaries and money, I remember saying the same thing , this year it started happening and progress is more important than anything else in life.

I am also three weeks away from my big adventure. I am flying from Dublin to New York, where I'll be spending four beautiful (and cold) days wandering around the Big Apple on my own, rediscovering the charm of the squeezed streets in this massive streets contrasted with neon lights and fast-food, then will be flying out to Costa Rica, my first time in Central America. Will try to visit the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean in a single day and will climb volcanoes and try to do some rafting.
Then will be flying to Lima for a few hours to connect with my flight to Bolivia... where the heart is, where my family is! After two years of waiting, will see them again.

Many things have changed in two years, I hope these changes are worth the wait and the tight hugs at the Arrivals drown the bitter memory of that hug in January 2010 at the Departures when a weak "I'll see you around" was whispered without having a clue of what was going to happen or when was the next time I'd see them.
Will try to tag-on a trip to Uruguay , Brazil or the Uyuni Salt Flats too...depending on how tempting New York is to my credit card!.

To my loyal readers, I want to thank you for yet another year of sharing adventures with me and for inspiring me into writing.

Happy Christmas from Dublin!