Saturday, January 19, 2013

-- 2013 is here --

As my first post of 2013, I would like to wish my readers a Happy New Year.

It is a fresh start and a blank brand-new book to start writing on. For many, a year that represents good luck and changes, for others, a year that represents a continuation of projects and events that took place in previous years.

I started my year with a few chances. A new job involving tourism and dealing with the most crazy requests from rich people overseas coming to visit the Emerald Isle, Scotland and England. Quick thinking is necessary but I think I am doing quite well.

Also, my first article was officially published in a physical magazine. That's right, people actually read my stuff from a piece of colourful matte-finished piece of paper, part of a very talented and professional tourism magazine ( Yvy Pora, issued in Spanish). I have become a collaborator, so I will see one of my articles being published every month.

Only a few more days, and I will be on my way to South America to see my family, thanks to the mega deals on the French national carrier which, despite not being my favourite airline at all and the fact that I  could only get a middle seat in their overcrowded Boeing 777, will (hopefully) take me safe and soundly to Sao Paulo, where I will be spending a few days with good old friends I made in my college years and continuing onwards to Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

 It has been over a year and I can really feel it now.

Many things have happened in 2012: many travels, many new opportunities, many jobs. Everything summed up in that single moment when I cross the Arrivals Hall and see my family standing there, staring at this foreigner, while I rush to hug them and a strong feeling of relief is felt. 

A few more days, and that intense and amazing feeling will be back. Combined with the summer heat and sunshine so yearned in this cold wintry Dublin morning.